Monday, January 30, 2012

First Day of My 42nd Year...Sick Like Dog

(Credit the

Yup, sick.  Stomach sick.  Ass sick.  Not sniffle sick.  That would be better.  Home from work.  I never do that ... go in and then leave.  That would be like my kid doing his homework then not turning it in - wait - he does that.  The site has been getting a lot traffic off that StraHOTsky post.  Hah!  Suckers.  And she is hot.  Well, if my malaise subsides soon I shall throw a leg over the steed and ride her long and slow ..... let you know.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yvonne Strahovski ............ Gesundheit!

(Photo Credit to the Deserving)

Ever see the show Chuck?  Me neither until I happened upon it on the interwebs while I was spinnin' on the trainer yesterday.  Here is the plot if you are interested: LINK   Anyway, as we are looking at our first rains of the year and I am a big sissy right now I will be on the trainer for the next few days and was in need of something to kill trainer time.  Let's just suffice it to say that Yvonne Strahovski is super duper at helping time ..... pass ..... by ..... me.  The show ain't half bad either.  The way I figure it: 11 shows @ 50 minutes apiece will give 9.16666666667 hours of way passable trainer time.  I should be able to blow through 2 a session, easy.  There now .....  that's that.  So, thank you, Yvonne Strahovski.
  (Photo Credit to the Deserving)

Anywho, I got a good book calling my from Big Leather Chair.  I am done here for now.  I am thinking, though, at least one rain ride this weekend is order.  If the 50 MPH winds stop blowing outside could be today, though tomorrow's forecast appears a little, um, happier?


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Looks Like A Rain Ride

May be in my future.....if my future is today.  You know, this may just be the cleansing my soul needs.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Thousand Points of Light

  • ·         I am alive, almost wasn’t the case yesterday: crazy lady in a Mercedes missed a downhill turn on LVR while I was climbing up.  Four wheel drifting right at me.  I was yelling, “you better not hit me, lady.”  I was all ready to unclip and do a full on Starsky and Hutch slide over the hood because the shear 50 foot drop on my right was less inviting than getting smashed by a road legal German Tank.  She was drifting right at me, about three feet from me and I was yelling.  She NEVER looked at me and I am glad.  Had she looked at me she certainly would have run me down.  REMEMBER – look where you want to go and not where you are going……..Three feet from me and she decides mid drift that a counter steer might be a good idea.  Through gritted teeth this old broad, with both hands on the wheel, effin counter steered right around my rear wheel.  Wooooo, that was close.
  • ·         Riding the bike is key to my happy existence (outside of my family and friends anyway)
  • ·         A hot tub after a cool winter ride is essential
  • ·         I have been really cold lately, oddly enough I am known for two traits in my local cycling community …..  1) I sweating all over the place and 2) I am perennially under dressed.  Weird, I say.
  • ·         I am a realist first, optimist second and 2012 is gonna be bad as…..
  • ·         My boy now says he is going to race with me next season.  So cool!  Just hope my feet heard and cooperate
  • ·         The above means MODDER HAAN RACING kit is on and will be getting juiced and ready to go come mid February – I will be taking orders so if you want kit at cost email modderhaanracing[at]
  • ·         If the feet cooperate and racing is ON for me a new ‘cross rig is in order – leaning towards a Ridley X-Fire……..
  • ·         That means Nationals are in …. If I my feet are in …. Next season.  Nice!
  • ·         Wait ….. what?  Oh.  Okay.
  • ·         My foot healing process is coming along.  I am nearly back to where I was before I blew them up …… again …… on December 23rd.  That, my friends, is a good thing.
·         My winter riding regimen goes as follows (Sponsor will be back in school): Sat and Sun long and slow, Mon easy, Tues off, Weds and Thurs long and slow, Fri easy …. Rinse repeat through at least the end of February, maybe March, depending on how my feet are looking.

Well, that’s all I got for now. 


Monday, January 9, 2012

Yup, another shitty day in paradise.  Had a very interesting day.  Work was the usual but we do have this new guy that gives a whole new meaning to the term "numbnuts".  My god this guy is off.  My feet are hella achy today and my left big toe is swollen to twice its normal size.  Yes, I rode the road.   Took in the scenery so to speak.  I also found out that Monday is a holiday; how awesome is that?  Riding straight through and first rest day will be Tuesday.  Saturday me and Hogaboom are hitting the Paradise Loop.   Just got out of the hot tub and am looking forward to many large glasses of ....... water.  Then I am gonna throw some brussel sprouts and ham down my throat.  Perhaps read a bit.  Watch some College ball.  Put my hands down my pants.  And get a good night sleep.  Last night I woke up @ 1 AM and could not go back to sleep.  So, as of right now I have been awake for almost 16 hours.  Yikes.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sittin' and Spinnin'

I had an attitude adjustment today.  I had one of "those" rides.  You know what I mean?  Sunny.  68 degrees.  Breathing exercises.  Belly not hanging too far down.  Smile greased across my face.  Feet .... no pain at all.  Ass grapes .... that's another story: they are ripe, hanging, and juicy as all hell right now.  My anus aches.  Chamois Chardonnay I tell you.  Stop!  Not like that you pumpkin pie hair cutted freak.  You seriously do not want to be drinking this shit.  I mean that.  Anyhow, had a great ride today and plan on hitting up the road for the next 3 days with some authority.  So suck my ass grapes.  Come ride with me.  And if you see me out there and you do not wave I will call you out.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Busy Day ....

..... Dragging strays around west Marin.  Man, pull through.  I am an injured, man.  Just sayin'.  Got a lot done today, though, slowly.  I got one speed right now and it appears to be fast enough to catch and pass and instigate fools into suckin' some serious wheel; and we are not talking about a good wheel.  My rear wheel is akin to a wheel of stinky cheese, thick enough you have to cut the aroma with a knife, and you surely wouldn't want to be eating out from under there.  And my sweat....dude on a group ride with me once asked if it was raining...the, that's hayrider's sweat.  I am that gross.  Fast as the speed of smell.  Anyway.  I got out early and froze the stink off my taint.  It was chilly sauce out there.  But any ride is a good ride.  Next, I put on my hot tub repairman hat, followed that up with cutting a good dude a good deal on the SS 29er; one less arrow in the quiver.  She will be missed but seems to have gone to a good home.  The Sponsor and littlest and I then ran so many errands my poor ole bunion and sprained toe started flaring up.  I sucked up the errands, pulled down some Xmas lights, and partake...ed of the usual household ablutions and am finally bad feet up and watching some bowl game action.  All in, a good day. 

Got a plan.  Chillin'slow and low until at last the end of February in an effort to heal completely.  Shit, I may even stretch that out until the end of March or April if need be.  Though I would really like to start racing the road in April and, who knows, I may even partake in a mountain bike race or two this coming season.  See how the dogs heal.  So, no off road for me for a while, hence the release of the SS 29er, and for some reason I am looking forward to logging some long slow miles on The Good Wife.  The last three days have been relatively painless, though I am still unable to stand and climb or sprint out of the saddle.  I guess I will just sit and spin like a good little bitch should.


My Nipples Could Cut Glass

Getting out early this morning.  Damn it's cold.  I am heading out early because I have a couple of dudes coming over to check out my 29er SS I have for sale; 2012 is a cleaning house year in a lot of ways and some dude is gonna get a screaming deal on the 29er SS.  For reals.  It is 6 AM now and I plan on getting out of here soon.  I am seriously gonna have to bundle up.  I know, I know, it is Cali cold and not truly cold and true and honest like the cold of Norway or Sweden or somewhere far north where true and strong and manly men live and thrive.  It is different here and honest in a different way but cold is cold and this is not really cold and true and pure like Paris was way back when, when the writers and artists were hungry and that hunger born in them an honesty that is true and the art the came from that honesty was truer than most art and all art could ever be.  (How you like my Papa?)

This is the beast I am selling.  I will let you know of it goes.  If it does not check back and she will be live here .... for sale that is.