Saturday, October 29, 2011

Modder Haan Racing Kit in the Works

The new kit will have the same color scheme but with the Rooster logo and some cool block lettering.  I am almost there in the design and then I need to drop the credit card on the folks at Champ-Sys and get the proof and viola.......we have kit. 

Sorry, I have been lax in posting lately.  I am racing next weekend with or with out the pain so there will be more activity on this site.  Peace.  Eat, drink, and beat Larry.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yup, me and la doctora had a visit today.  She was kind.  Nothing broken or dislocated.  Still no idea what is wrong but who gives a shit.  Back on the bike tomorrow.  Ain't nothing but a little pain.  "Cross is pain.  Taking the rest of the week easy on the bike; some long slow road spins are in order to make sure I don't eff up the appendage some more.  Then back after it next week.  I do hate missing the SCX#3 race where I sit in 7th place overall, but they trow out the 2 worst of 8 races and count the top 6 so this weekend with be the first truly bad finish for the series.  Then next week we are off to Surf City if the Spawn's football team misses the playoffs.  2-7 should do that just fine but one never knows.  Well, I hope y'all are well and riding and quaffing some suds.  Peace be with you.  Out for now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adding Insult to Injury

Well, things sure look a little bit different from my perspective.  We went to CCCX #4 this morning.  I raced, even after the EMT that looked at my foot said, "Dude, can you really walk on that.  It's deforemed."  Well, it started out fine, I was just riding along in the front of the group for 2 plus laps and the run up with the barrier, on my third pass, was too much for whatever is jacked in my foot.  It hurts.  This week will be a rest week.  Momo, though, took 3rd in the juniors and straight represented.  Way to go, Mo.