Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Am Writing a Weekly Column for Cycling Illustrated

Today's post is a simple one, one that should have you frothing at the mouth.  One that should have your backside alight with the prospect of awesomeness.  I am lucky enough to be allowed, for now, to write a weekly column for Cycling Illustrated .  If you have not heard of or checked out this sweet site I am afraid I must let you know that you are missing the boat.  It is a top notch news and color site that is all cycling all the time.  Simple.  I just handed off my first attempt at something real and we shall see if it gets posted any time soon.  I will certainly let you know. 

As for me.  Riding.  Lots of it.  Road.  MTB.  'Cross.  Dressing.  En toto. 


Friday, September 21, 2012

The Tunnel of Redwood Love

I know it’s a Friday and I should not rant on the gateway to the weekend.  But rant I must, even though I took down Mark Weir on Strava for the KOM on this short little uphill piece by my house.  Yes, that Mark Weir.  So anyway, I was just riding along, having a great little road spin out through the redwoods because I am not sure if I will get to ride this weekend; daughter has a 2-day softball tournament and I am a coach.  We will travel and play both days so a ride is unlikely.  Anyway, on my home and up the last ascent to Big Rock and I am in the big ring and smiling and feeling great.  I am seriously looking forward to the descent, can taste it even.  As I near the top I cast a peak under my left armpit to see if any cars are coming.  Yup.  One.  I stomp on it and try to beat it over the top.  It speeds up and passes me right on the crest.  Oncoming traffic is honking at this genius because he is over the center line and he swerves right in front of me, narrowly missing a stream of oncoming cars.  And you know what?  I'm not pissed, just disappointed.  I was so looking forward to blasting that swooping descent.  Carving turns and flowing gracefully down the mountain, not setting any records, mind you, but fluid and smooth as it should be.  But no. This cat in his Oldsmobuick is managing about 16.3 mph and there is no room to pass because of the construction.  Seriously, dude!  That’s your move?  Sheeeeit, I think I need some new break pads after that debacle.  Now I know I am a cyclist and conscientious of other cyclists when I drive but all drivers should be cool and aware, way cooler and way more aware than that dude.   Well, that’s my Friday rant.   Enjoy your weekend and get out and ride for me because it looks like I wil be sequestered to the softball diamond all weekend – happily.
Oh, and that is the space shuttle Endeavour out my office window.  Just a day of history in the making.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Dirty Shorty

The picture above was taken at the halfway point, at the top of 680 trail.  My daughter has softball practice so today was a short effort day.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Day in Dirty Pictures

Marin is cyclist friendly.
And sometimes foggy.
With cool perspective.
See what I mean?
She can also be a little unforgiving.


This is 'Cross

Yup, folks.


PS - Thanks for the vid - Agro.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Olivia(s) Wilde Ride

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ....  Can you see that range right in between the hill and the Big Rock?  Way back there.  The one with the radar towers on it?  No!  Good!  Because there is some sweet riding up and off of there.    But that is not where I was today, today was road spin day in an effort to get ready for tomorrow's dirty rip with the boys.  The route you ask?  Good question. What I can tell you is this: TL roll out 7AM, Fairfax, Tamarancho, Pine Mountain and then some singletrack that not a lot of people know I about - i hope and think - that I was shown by a friend.  Super sweetness.  And then back up an over and down the newish Metallica 680 trail to the homestead.  Yes, that Metallica.  The trail cost like $680,000,000.00 to build around his property near my house - hence the name - or so I say.  Sunday shall see me out on the road sled early in an effort to get back home so I can watch my fantasy football team kick some fantasy ass.  And get this.  Captain Agro and I are getting the band back together.  You see, he is busy like only Agro can be til mid October, and I have 2 spawn in Fall sports and Oct./Nov. is when things should free up some for me.  So - there may actually be a 'cross season. Race til January if the feet hold up.  Dang, y'all; that's almost a whole 'cross season.  And I have never been a fan of this Olivia Wilde actress until I saw her today in Bickford Schmeckler's Cool Ideas.  What think?
Well, that's about all I have for now.  There will be some post ride sweetness post ride, and maybe even some blood - tomorrow.  Check back now, ya hear.  May even have a 'cross race report from our man about the globe - Captain Agro - as he takes on some of Boulder's elite.  Never know, bitches.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Learn Something New Every Day

So there I was ... feet all blown up after railing the Skywalker singletrack.  I mean my dogs were barking, growling, and pooping themselves at the same time.  I stopped at this little market on my way home and took off my shoes in order to let my swollen feet air out and the words "Always lead ... Never follow" written on the toungue. Now I have had these shoes for going on 2 years now and, get this, I had never noticed that tiny bit of wisdom printed on my feet.  My something new, you ask?  I can be a dipshit.  Stop it!  So can you and you and you and you. Don't judge.  
Yes, it is beautiful here.  And tomorrow I go the Dr. and she is supposed to draw some fluid out of my feet with a syringe in order to hopefully determine what is ailing me.  I have my fingers crossed.  And I just washed the SuperFly 100 and dialed her in for tomorrow's post Dr. dirt excursion.  I have been having this wicked creak lately.  In fact I thought that maybe I had cracked my carbon framed whore, but after a wash and a once over I found this 10mm swingarm bolt that was a little too loose.  I threw a wrench on that baby and spun her up the hill and there was not a sound to be found.  We shall see if that was the culprit tomorrow, eh.  Any of y'all wanna come with?  Let me know.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Smells A Little Funky Over Here

If being delightful was a crime, I'd be breaking the damn law.  And that, people, is the truth.
Reading this.
Riding this.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Soul Riding

Yes, indeed.  The feet are starting to feel better.  Well, at least the pharmas my Dr. prescribed are doing the job.  I have been dirt riding and I like it ... a lot.  'Cross season this year is looking bleak.  I may make a few guest appearances, but what with fall ball softball and water polo for the spawnage, there shall be little chance for me stink up the cyclocross dog tracks ... so to speak.  Oh, well.  Soul is as good if not better than  Poser, no?  And as with all good things, my life is awesome, my family loving and stronger than ever, my dog, well, he's getting old, but still rocks the long walk.  The Sponsor, I love her more than ever and our relationship has grown stronger with each passing day - love her.  
Yellow is handsome, no?
As is the view.  See you out there ... or on Strava.


Saturday, September 1, 2012


Man, things are good.  Well, actually I blew a Cheetos out of my nose when I saw and heard the clown on Jeopardy answer the above question.  On National TV.  Dude said ... get this ... DONKEY PUNCH.  For real.  I bet his librarian girlfriend was a little surprised by that one.   Wait.  What?  You want the moral of the story?  Ok.  Don't eat Cheetos and watch Jeopardy.  In fact, I need to get my diet back on track.  I was down to 163 lbs - but not anymore.  Shit I have not seen 163 since my college days wrestling.  
I saw this out riding the other day.  For those of you who know me, you know this is meaningful and full of meaning - meaning it's on.  Watching the Veulta and drinking coffee and about to head out for a 47 mile road rip.  MTB tomorrow and I have Monday through Wednesday off so there will be blood.
The obligatory hot lady post.
One for the ladies.

Seriously - I mean that is the title of the post.  Have a great weekend all.  Have good time with the family, with friends and even try to get some alone time, bike time, and recharge yourselves cause the grind is right around the corner.