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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Building Base, Melting Fat, Getting Strong, Feet Better

Yup, really, the title says it all.  The rain sux but tomorrow should be nicer so Marin Velo Club ride is on.  See you out there.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I Was Sick, Really, So Said the 7 Sisters

Well, hell, I felt like dog doo this morning so I called in sick.  Started feeling better about 9:30 and was gonna d my normal Monday loop out Sam P. way when I ran into some friends who happened to be on a climbing mission and asked me to join.  So I did.  We went out Alpine dam (see above) and then climbed up to Bo Ridge and played with the Seven Sisters and dropped down Mount Tam to Mill Valley and on home.  It is funny how some bad starts can turn into sweetness lickety split.  Bam.  Now I am cooked.  I think I should eat before and maybe bring some food on rides of this type.  Maybe.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Day Was Better Than Your Day

So, um, yeah.  I did it, found my Wednesday and Friday ride.  Same one.  Totally sweet.  A few climbs, some dirt, some redwoods, bike path, awesomeness.  That piece above parallels the street which has shitty pavement and keeps me smiling.  She is 45 miles all in and costs me about 2000 calories; hence the PBR recovery drink.  Raining now.  Still may get out even in the rain.  and the softball parade tomorrow got cancelled so I am joining the Marin Velo Club ride.  Nice!  Later for you and later for a good post. 


Monday, March 19, 2012

A Tale of, Um, Three Rides?

This is not going to be a gripe, a whine, a simper, just the facts, Ma'am, just the facts.  Saturday, overcast, windy, and generally sort of grey-ish.  Suited and booted I headed out after watching the Milan San Remo with  enthusiasm; good thing, too, cause enthusiasm was all I had that day.  I managed to manage about 45 miles at a brisk pace, albeit a little painful due to my injuries.  I mean I had cut out the offending material on my old MTB shoes, why not my old road shoes?  Duh!  Sometimes I am a dipshit.  
So Sunday it was even windier.  I mean we are talking 35 mph gusts, yo.  Have I mentioned that I hate the wind?  So there I was cruising along at a cool 9.7 mph into this biting headwind on LVR when these two cats go blowing past me.  Bitch.  Really?  Ok.  I step it up, see dude at second wheel turn and look and .....wait ......what ......did he just wave me on?  A cool roadie?  Nice.  I popped out my ear buds and grabbed third wheel.  We pace lined to the foot of the Bog Rock climb and dude big ringed that fucker and dropped me like a deuce.  I appreciated the help into the headwind but I was not able to hang on the climb. D.  R.  O.  P.  P.  E.  D.  Woops.  Oh, and did I mention it was wet out?
And then today, Monday, mellow spin day, awesome.  For the first time in some time I felt like a mother fucking bike rider.  My whip felt small.  My legs felt like ..... well .... they had more.  My head was crisp and clear and full of whimsical thoughts and not the million-some-odd voices that usually carom around my cranial cavity screaming obscenities at me for ...... well ...... being me.  Maybe it's the beard?  My facial hair is getting somewhat boooshy.  Then again, maybe it's the fact that the cut-outs on my shoes make my feet feel great.  Maybe?  Maybe it's just the fact that my fat ass has slimmed down enough that I no longer feel like a Jimmy Dean sausage roll in my kit and my clothes fit like they should?  Maybe it's the fact that riding a bike is fun?   Maybe it's all those breathing exercises?  Yup, that's probably it - breathing exercises.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Went Out With Megan Fox the Other Day

Happy St. Paddies Day, Bitches!

So I have been stuck on the trainer due to the recent spate of rain.  We received something like 5873" in the last five days.  Shit, I almost built an ark.  So, after spending a day or two on the trainer, my foot started acting up again.  Especially after working out to Revolver from the cat over at Sufferfest, so I took the liberty of, um, modifying my shoe.  Take that bunion.  Now there is almost no pressure and riding the trainer is only as horrible as regularly riding the trainer.  It's early, Saturday, and outside of the howling coyotes there is no sound from outside.  Has the rain abated?   Let's fucking hope so.  I need some miles.  Oh, and I have a date with the foot surgeon for the S.F. Ballet on 4/11.  Who knows feet better than THAT guy?  Let's hope he can dial me and actually diagnose what's wring with my left toe.  Six months and the swelling has not gone down at all.
Yup.  And if you are reading this and not watching the Milan San Remo race you are not showing the amount of dedication I expect of you or what it takes to succeed.  MilaSanRemo


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Been Getting Out

Word up, folks.  Been awhile, right?  Been busy.  Not good busy either, just annoying busy.  So some of you may know that awesome state that is California has closed some of its state parks.  Sam P. Taylor is one.  I was cruising through the redwoods, enjoying the solitude, thought I would snap a shot to show how alone and peaceful it was, and these 2 yahooos came riding along.  I guess they had the same idea I did.  Nicely done, dudes.  And, as fate or my stupidity would have it, after 47 miles at a decent clip, my dogs started firing up a bit.  Tenderness, and not that sweet stinky boy/girl kind of tenderness either.  So I am soaking my shitty feet in an ice bath right now as I sit here typing this and watching Levi Liepheimer stuff it in a turn in Paris-Nice.  That was a left dude; not a straight.  Oops.  Oh, and on my way back from said redwood ride, at the reservoir there was, yup, a wicked fast tail wind.  Check the flag in the picture below.
Trust me, that sucker on the crag is standing at fucking attention.  Well, this mornings ride in the wind was an easy spin to stretch out the legs for tomorrow's ride with the Marin Velo Club; heard something about the Seven Sisters.  Been a while since I have done that one.  she's a goodie.  And, lastly, thanks to those of you who have purchased and downloaded my eBook.  Shame on those of you who haven't.  Do it!  Do it now!  You can purchase it here MY AWESOME BOOK  Thank you very much, and have a nice day.