Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Intimacy with the Trainer

That's my foot.  And my garage floor.  And it may be hard to tell from the weak ass photo but that is 4.5lbs of sweat right there in front of mt right foot.  Yeah, been spending some time on the wind trainer, what with the "RIVER OF RAIN" and all (that's another story for another day).  Since Sunday I have spent almost 8 hours on the trainer: 3 hours watching football Sunday, 2+ yesterday and 1+ today.  Today I did The Sufferfest Revolver interval workout.  Shit's about a bitch, but then all intervals are if you get after 'em.  Honestly, the reason I have been keeping it indoors is because I saw this little fellow out riding the other day and realized that on any given Sunday (read as ride) I could get ate:

Yeah, that's a Badger.  and he was diggin'.  The truth?  Ok.  That was taken at the zoo.  But the nightmares are fucking real I tell you.  And I won't tell you where that little fellow is burrowing in my dreams cause then you might be plagued by the evil sleep as well.  And, honestly, I wouldn't do that to ya'.  Welp, looks like tomorrow may be another trainer day, watching the football game, three hours of spinity-spin, and then my cross bike should be ready for some real riding by Monday and back to racing the following weekend: BASP or Sacto - not sure yet.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Frickin' Awesome Day

Yeah.  I know.  This is what it looked like on my ride today.  Gorgeous, not a breath of wind ... unless you were behind me then it was foul and odoriferous of the fecund and putrid sort.


Bam, Just LikeThat

Went on vacation and all I got was a jacked up 'cross bike.  We headed down south and while sitting on the 210 in a friggin' parking lot we got slammed by some kid changing his radio station.  My bike is screwed.  My family is fine.  The new car is slightly worse for wear.  Yes, I was/am bummed.  I am out of the 'cross racing scene until 12/09 - like it or not.  I guess that means I will swap some MTB time for what would have been 'cross time while my bike is in the shop.  

In other news.  Life is good.  Family is better than ever.  My dog is awesome and smells, well, like a dog.  Things really could not be better; don't mean to gush, but we recently trimmed some fat in the way of un-worthies and the quality of life around here is saweet.  

Well, off to the dirt.  Smell you later.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hit A Bump

So yesterday I raced the BASP series.  I jumped up to the Master's A 35+ category and toed the line with multiple, multiple National Champions, not to mention the current World Champion; he was emblazoned with the rainbow skinsuit in all its glory.  So they had a call up.  I received none.  In fact I was the last in line and it more or less remained that way to the finish.  But finish I did.  And I was totally fucking cooked.  Mt chest felt like it was being pried apart form the inside out.  But there is always good news.  In fact, I was told that I had the best form ever seen, best form plucking dollar bills from empty beer bottles.  You see, my personal opinion is that while at the back of the pack one may as well try to make some cash.

So all was not lost.  And I did not get lapped nor did I get pulled.  Sure, I my first race with the big boys - got smoked.  Nowhere to go but up, my friends.  Humbling?  Sure.  And I have all these wounds on my calves and my thigh and I did not crash; came close a lot but never hit the turf.  And the wounds?  Didn't notice them til I got home and my daughter pointed them out.  She hates blood.  

My boy rallied and railed dirt and took 6th place in a stacked juniors field.  Way to go, kid.  All in it was a great day at the races.  Did I mention it was a night race, under the lights.  And a re-learning experience.  It has been a long time since I toed the line with the fast and hard men of NorCal.  Until next weekend.