Sunday, October 6, 2013


So some of you might be wondering where in the fuck I have been?  Good question.  I have been busy.  Life has caught up with the fun.  Don't get me wrong - LIFE IS FUN - it's just that there has been a lot to do that does not revolve around me and that, my friends, is something I am not used to.  

I am on my eighth month of coaching select, travel softball.  That means I am on the road most every weekend.  When not travelling, there are 7.5 hours of practices to plan and execute each week. There is work.  That is a whole other story for another post.  There is riding - which up until this week is pretty nonexistent; which translates into I AM A FAT AND SLOW FUCK RIGHT NOW.   But I am on that and it will change quickly. MY wife decided going back to college would be awesome.  And it is.  Just not while she is there.  I can't wait for her to be done so I can shift my focus - yet again. 

All in friends, things are pretty standard, just busy.  I am back on the bike.  I do need a new 'cross bike and I broke my mountain bike frame and I am in the process of warrantying that piece of dung.  The company sent me a new frame with no rear shock and mine, of course, is not compatible.  I am pretty sure the whole point of a warrantee is to replace a valued customer's broke ass shit with something that works and is not broke?   Should be simple.  But it's not.  

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