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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Short Is Better Than Not

This is my gym.  This is what Marin Fit is all about. Coffee.  Ezekiel toast with a poached egg and a half of an avocado; breakfast.  Then a short spin on the mountain bike.  I am pressed for time today, what with family birthdays, impending house guests, and a pleatora of other chores.  So, that being said, a shot workout is better than no workout.  I feel much better about myself; better about the day, and I am certainly looking forward to the Dawn Patrol MTB (that's mountain bike) ride with the crew tomorrow.  Amen.

Oh, and I will throw down the MF (Marin Fit) Circuit work out and a walk later in the day.  The time is nigh, friends.  Nothing, I mean nothing tastes as good as fit feels.

Get After It,


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